Yes, it’s Possible . . .

You Are About to Discover the

7 Key Recipes to BE IRRESISTIBLE

And Attract a Quality Team Whether You’ve Been in Network Marketing 10 Years or 10 Minutes!

Dear Sister in Network Marketing (and Enlightened Men):

Yes, you are the owner of a network marketing or direct sales business . . . But is your business providing you with the income you desire? Are you living the life you imagined when you said YES and enrolled with your company? DOES IT FRUSTRATE YOU when you hear about other people from all walks of life who are making BIG MONEY hand over fist in our industry?

Imagine your life if your business were actually generating the kind of income you desire . . . Imagine being able to enjoy the things you have been putting off for so long . . . imagine being able to treat your girl friends to a day of fun at the Spa or having enough money to give generously to a local cause your are passionate about or your church!

For most people reading this the reason your business is not where you want it to be is because you have run out of people to talk to. You don’t want to be known as “That pushy woman who is always trying to sell me something.”

I feel the same way. My name is Debbie Wysocki, and I’m a retired Beverly Hills Financial Analyst who worked 12 to 14 hour days 6 to 7 days a week for a boss who was demanding. At the end of almost 11 years, I was burnt out and my immune system was compromised — I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia — and it was time for a change.

I chose to take back control and create a life I loved—and that included no more boss or alarm clock. Now my number one joy is being a mom to Trent (age 13) and Amanda (age 10). I’m a million dollar earner in network marketing, an author, speaker, trainer, real estate investor, business consultant, marketing & branding expert, Girl Scout Leader & church volunteer. I’m not telling you these things only to impress you, but to share with you success is only a decision away.

Yes, I’ve been where you are . . . excitd about my business . . . yet still trying to unlock the ‘combination’ to a successful business. And Yes, there are some ‘insider’ secrets when it comes to building a PROFITABLE DIRECT SALES BUSINESS and TEACHING others how to do the same.

I became a student of our profession, and about 2 and a half years into my journey, I had replaced my full-time income as a financial analyst. For the past 16 years, I have dedicated myself to being on top of my game with continuing education for our profession. It was about three years ago that I came across one piece of information that literally changed my thought process and showed me there was a massive gap not being filled for the women in our industry.

It became very apparent that only a small number of women can compete in this profession without implementing the 7 Key Recipes. With more women entering our profession than any other time in history, it’s critical to your success and your Team’s success in The New Economy!

So are you a woman who is ready to build a successful business NOW?

If you answered YES, then you already know it doesn’t take long to run out of people we currently know to share the business with. The problem is most people don’t know what to do next and they don’t want to have their friends duck when they see them coming. Would it be OK with you if I shared a different scenario?

One where you attracted and endless flow of qualified prospects who Actually Pay You to Hear about Your MLM or Direct Sales Opportunity and product and it’s FREE! Would this change the direction of your business? It’s a much different picture than asking friends for coffee or handing out brochures and CDs with little or no results!

“Would it be OK with you if I share with you a little-known internet prospecting secret that has quietly been bringing thousands of network marketers success – without frustration, rejection, or spending serious cash on advertising . . .”

The best part is . . .

. .

This NEW program will have People
Actually Pay You

To Hear About Your MLM or Direct Sales
Opportunity and Product!

Your Bank Account WILL GROW! Your Business WILL BE TRANSFORMED Overnight! WHY? Because it’s WHO you are talking to and HOW you are reaching them!

And the best part is, you don’t need any hidden talent or special connections to make this program work! What’s the Difference between you and Top Earners?

They know how to BE IRRESISTIBLE!

If you are willing to suspend the chatter going on in your head about it working for other people but not for you, then I think you will discover the KEY RECIPES TO BE IRRESISTIBLE!

Just think, the sooner you learn the RECIPES and implement them, the closer you are to Spa Day or sending the kids to private school. Here’s a morsel of information very few people will tell you . . . Even superstars share the same challenge that you have . . . We all need to meet qualified new people to enroll daily! When you stop enrolling, you stop growing. Most ‘upline’ will tell you to attend more meetings, make more phone calls, listen to more conference calls, or purchase and call more leads. I am here to tell you that none of these things will grow your business dramatically.

In fact, you may be frustrated by all the money you spent and may even be thinking about throwing in the towel on the best opportunity ever – your network marketing business! Don’t do it. Don’t let someone else steal your dream when you can BUILD A QUALITY TEAM!

As I mentioned earlier, a few years ago, I came across the concept that ‘turned the light bulbs on’ from a brilliant guy in Texas. His system has allowed a huge number of people (mostly men) build incredibly strong businesses. What was defining reason? It was who I was marketing to.

Let me ask you a question . . . If you were marketing toupees, who do you think would be a better customer:

1) Men who are going bald OR 2. Men who had previously purchased toupees?

It’s men who have previously purchased toupees. Why? Because they have raised their hand in the air and said I’m interested. You don’t have to sell or convince them of the benefits of your product. Apply this same philosophy to your network marketing business.

Wouldn’t you rather present your opportunity to someone who is already sold on the benefits of residual income? Someone who already understands that it’s NET-WORK marketing? Someone who knows you have to invest in the business in order to make money . . . because it is indeed a business? Someone who doesn’t expect to be quit their job in 6 months?


People Actually Pay You

to Hear About Your Opportunity & Products!

And . . .You Can

Goodbye To Meeting

No More Rejection

No Cold Calling

No Selling


Here’s the COLD HARD TRUTH . . .

97% of the people who join our industry fail!

Yes, I was shocked to learn this this thruth . . . and this one: For those who unlock the Secret Recipes, the rewards are HUGE! Which one will you be? Yes, you’ve seen the top leaders in your company go across the stage–some earning $10,000 a month . . . others earning $100,000 a month, so you know It CAN BE DONE. Yet, do you say “That’s them, but I could never be like them?” Super Stars many times do have an “inside track,” but now there is an equalizer!

It has nothing to do with where you live, how educated you are, who you are married to, where you buy your clothes, what school your kids go to, whether you are a polished speaker, or if you’ve been successful before in network marketing or direct sales. NO, none of these things matter. WHY?

Yes, you’ve seen the top leaders in your company go across the stage—some earning $10,000 a month . . . others earning $100,000 a month, So you know it CAN BE DONE. Yet, do you say “That’s them, but I could never be like them?” Super Stars many times do have an “inside track,” but now there is an equalizer!


Personalities are not duplicatable – but SYSTEMS ARE!

A system where the average person with average but consistent effort CAN draw 100s if not 1000s of prospects to them. Most people follow the herd . . . they do what everyone else does and they get the results that everyone else gets . . . They had out CDs, brochures, and talk about product. They get into deep discussions about ORAC values and how cost savings benefits, and purity of product . . . I call it the ‘Product throw-up.’

How much longer can you afford to keep recruiting the way you are?

As one woman to another, I can tell you I’ve been where you are . . . I’ve been overwhelmed by too many conflicting messages and men who don’t know how women build profitable businesses. They don’t know how we think or what our motivations, challenges, and dreams are. Most of your colleagues really don’t understand that the OLD SCHOOL WAY of building a business is DEAD. NO matter how many CDs or brochures you hand out, NONE of this matters.

Yes, that ‘s right NONE of it matters.

Some distributors will graduate to purchasing leads once they have run out of friends and family . . . we call this the N-F-L Club (and no one wants to be a member of this club). Then there’s the ‘dirty little secret’ that your upline probably isn’t sharing when they say to ‘buy more leads.’ In fact, I discovered the secret after wasting thousands of dollars on lead and untold hours of calling or mailing to them!

Here’s the problem:

If we are going to grow a BIG BUSINESS, we need people to talk to.

More people than our friends family and neighbors. More people than we could meet face-to-face. How do you do that without being the woman that people duck from when they see us coming?

Where do you find interested qualified people?

I can tell you it’s not through traditional methods! If you and your organization are investing a majority of your time and money on what most upline company leaders suggest, the only two things you will have in the end is a maxed out credit card and total frustration . . . Here’s why. YOU KNOW NETWORK MARKETING WORKS! So why isn’t it working for YOU?

Because no one has given you the SECRET RECIPES yet. But all that’s about to change! WHAT IF . . . you had the SECRET SAUCE? Something that would make you stand out from the 1000s of distributors in your company and take charge of YOUR business. STOP the insanity of doing what everyone else is doing and do what make sense.

How did you find this? You probably Googled a specific phrase . . . Perhaps these were some of the phrases you tried:

  • How to build a BUILD a Big Business in network marketing
  • How to be successful in network marketing
  • How to make money in network marketing
  • Tools to grow my network marketing business
  • How to make big bucks in MLM

Or, perhaps it was another phrase that perfectly describes your objective AND BE IRRESISTIBLE came up!

Do you think if you’re Googling those questions, other people are too? Do you think other network marketers and direct sellers are just as frustrated as you with their lack of results and inability to find qualified people to recruit? Of course they are! Regardless of what you initially searched for that caused us to meet,

The bottom line that you need to have more people joining your team.

You desire a business that’s profitable sooner rather than later . . . Am I right? Here’s another insider secret . . . Do you think the top leaders in the industry (and in your company) are making cold calls or calling genealogy lists or showing the plan to anyone who breathes? No, we do not. We don’t corner our friends or family to purchase our products and join our teams.

THE MAGIC IS . . . People actually ask us what we do . . . people actually ask us to tell them about our business and products!

When I discovered the Key Recipes, it led to what I call LIFESTYLE FREEDOM . . .

  • Doing what you want . . .
  • When you want . . . .
  • With who you want . . .

And not being worried about Money. Is that what you want? I knew if I was going to become a top leader that I had to create SYSTEMs that would empower my TEAM to duplicate. SYSTEMS that are not dependent on personality or even skill level.

  • It had to be a system that would work for the person who had been downsized from Corporate America but didn’t have a clue about how to build a network marketing business.
  • It had to be a system that would allow the busy stay-at-home mom who wanted to add a few extra dollars to the family’s income to succeed.
  • It had to be a system that would allow the single stressed out mom to succeed.
  • It had to be a system that would allow someone just graduating from school AND the retiree to succeed.
  • It had to be a system that would allow a brand new person to succeed
  • It had to be a system that allowed a person who had ‘been around the block’ with network marketing and direct sales – but was still struggling to succeed.
  • It had to be a system that did not require a log of money to make it work.
  • And, finally it had to be a system that leaders could implement in their teams and grow an even bigger business


7 Key Recipes to Building a Quality Team
Whether You’ve Been in Network Marketing
10 Years or 10 Minutes

This system is based on 2 SIMPLE TRUTHS

  1. Old methods just don’t work anymore in our profession
  2. The fastest way to grow your business (TEAM) is to get in front of people who actually want to hear about your business – people who are qualified prospects who want the information you have!

These 2 SIMPLE TRUTHS can transform your business whether you are brand new or a more seasoned networker.

So let’s stop wasting any more time The six and seven figure networkers are doing it WHY shouldn’t you take advantage of the same systems that allowed them to BUILD BIG TEAMS? Super Stars have people calling them to see their opportunity. AND YOU CAN TOO . . . Regardless of where you are in your business right now . . . Regardless of whether you’ve failed in the past (I failed at two companies and was about ready to throw in the towel on my third until I discovered the power of a system). Regardless of whether you aren’t great at presenting. Regardless of whether you are saying to yourself “this sounds great, but will it work for me?”

When you use BE IRRESISTIBLE, you can immediately start attracting an endless flow of leads TO YOU and the BEST PART . . .

They Will Actually Pay You
To Show Them Your Plan!

Do you think this sounds easier than what you are doing? Just think for a moment . . . Won’t it be nice to have people ASKING YOU ABOUT YOUR OPPORTUNITY?

    This makes sponsoring SIMPLE, EASY & FUN!
  • Won’t it be nice to start paying off some of those credit cards?
  • Won’t it be nice to begin to live the Dream Life you envisioned when you joined your Network Marketing Company?
  • Won’t it be nice to go to the Spa with your girl friends?

Well, I’ve put it all together in one place . . . yes I call them ‘Recipes.’ We can all follow a Recipe – right? It’s in the form of an easy-to-read manual called:


7 Key Recipes to Building a Quality Team
Whether You’ve Been in Network Marketing
10 Years or 10 Minutes

This is the ‘secret sauce’ for many people!

Be Irresistible Ebook

This manual can indeed transform your business! And you can try it RISK FREE. Yes, we know this system works . . . that’s why we offer a complete 12 month money back guarantee! We stand behind our product—it’s part of our brand!

Here is just a small TASTE of what’s inside:

  • This manual can indeed transform your business! And you can try it RISK FREE. Yes, we know this system works . . . that’s why we offer a complete 12 month money back guarantee! We stand behind our product—it’s part of our brand!
  • The dirty little secret about purchasing leads that NO one will tell you.
  • How to identify your #1 product.
  • How to train associates BEFORE they join your TEAM – can you imagine having people ready to go!
  • How you can make $500 or $1,000 your first month in network marketing without enrolling anyone or selling your company’s products (see earnings disclaimer).
  • How to position yourself as an EXPERT and attract qualified leads to you EVEN if you are brand new!
  • How to get leaders from other companies to recruit people into your downline (yes, it’s true).
  • What is the biggest challenge in your organization.
  • A whole lot more!

Would you like to know a simple way how you can make MORE money by not promoting your products? What about How to Make Money From People Who Have Decided NOT to Join Your TEAM or Buy your Products! YES, you can even make money from people who say NO to your opportunity!

Do you sincerely desire to create a business where you have an endless flow of qualified prospects to talk with? That’s really the question . . . Because your business would look a whole lot different if you knew that you would never run out of people to talk to . . . How would your TEAM feel if you could provide them with a system where they never ran out of people to talk to?

This is what makes your business fun and profitable!

Are you ready to take charge and BE IRRESISTIBLE?

  • STOP wasting time with people who have no interest in network marketing
  • STOP showing the plan to people who don’t understand the concept of residual income.
  • STOP wasting your money on outdated and ineffective marketing campaigns
  • STOP paying for your advertising!

Grab hold of BE IRRESISTIBLE – when you digest the MAIN COURSE, you could literally transform your business and even your life!

What People Are Saying About Debbie

Debbie's TestimonialsDebbie's Testimonials

  • START growing a ‘GOLDEN’ List where people pay you to hear about your opportunity
  • START Building a TEAM of Ambitious , Well-Trained, leaders who are duplicating your system in YOUR PRIMARY BUSINESS




By the way, if you aren’t absolutely 100% satisfied by what you discover in BE IRRESISTIBLE, I’ll buy it back from you. No Questions asked.

100% Money Back Guarantee

I call that a WIN-WIN

Take Action Today – There’s Simply No Way you Can Lose!

P.S. We stand behind our products. If you are not happy for any reason, we will refund your money!

P. P.S. It’s human nature to be skeptical – even with our unconditional money back guarantee and our ‘WIN-WIN’ you get to keep the bonuses. So here are some testimonies about how I do business – we want you to feel confident with your decision!

What Others Are Saying About Debbie

Debbie's TestimonialsDebbie's TestimonialsDebbie's TestimonialsDebbie's TestimonialsDebbie's Testimonials


How do you put a price on something that can explode your business that comes with a complete Money Back Guarantee?

Our goal is to impact 10,000 women in network marketing and direct sales in a REALLY BIG WAY! By making available my

With Bonuses for just $39.95.

Why is the investment so low? We know you will find value way beyond the small investment – and we also trust that you will want to share it with your TEAM and even colleagues in other companies. That’s the beauty of the System!

PLUS . . . Here’s the Iron-Clad – No Questions Asked Guarantee:

If you want a simple to follow, proven RECIPE, the BE IRRESISTIBLE SYSTEM and Manual is the answer.

If you can follow a RECIPE in your kitchen, you can be a success. Before you know it, you will have enrolled your first new member and then another.

Soon you will have an entire TEAM of Quality Members making money for you (and them) 24 hours a day . . . 7 days a week.

You will be making money whether you are at the Spa (with your girlfriends), volunteering for your favorite cause, spending time with your kids or even getting that long-deserved rest!

If you order the BE IRRESISTIBLE MANUAL Today, you will receive 4 Bonuses:

1. Membership to the BE IRRESISTIBLE SYSTEM.


You will be able to us benefit from the exact same website and training materials I use to attract an endless flow of prospects and people to my primary business.

Including the world famous Glazer-Kennedy formula for Outrageous Advertising that gets BIG results. You simply ‘swipe and deploy’ them for your own use

This system cost thousands of dollars to develop and I would typically charge a monthly access fee like I do for my other programs . . . However,

You will get Instant Access at No Additional Cost

2. The Personal Branding Online CD

Personal Branding CD

You get the Inside Scoop from me when I was interviewed by “Experts on Call” on how to create your very own PERSONAL BRAND that will have people recognizing you as an expert in your field!

3. “Closing Secrets Guaranteed to Grow Your Income”

My workbook and Online CD that will share with you how I coach my team on closing including how to overcome the 7 Most Common Objections! These insider secrets allowed me to grow a 6 figure business quickly and show others to do the same!

Workbook and Online CD

4. “How to Conduct A New Associate Interview Online Audio and Worksheet. This special report will show you how to screen your new associates so you can quickly determine where to invest your time effectively! I show you the key factors to look for when entering a mentor relationship with a new Associate.

Worksheet and Online CD

Most people will continue to do what they are doing and continue to get the results they are getting and wonder why their business is not making money.

I’m guessing this is NOT YOU! It’s no coincidence you came to our website – you want to create CHANGE in a BIG WAY!

After reading BE IRRESISTIBLE: 7 Key Recipes to Attract a Quality Team, you will never worry about who you are going to show the plan to again. You will not be making cold calls or spending good money after bad on brochures and CDs.

Instead, prospective business partners and customers will track you down because you are SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE! You WILL HAVE THE SECRET SAUCE!

Once you own this Manual and begin to follow the Recipes, You will have a Skill Set that will work in the New Economy!

It truly is as easy as baking a cake . . . simply follow the Recipes and you will be on your way to Creating a Life You Love!

Take Action Today – There’s Simply No Way you Can Lose!