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More Qualified Prospects?
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More Traffic?
A Easy-to-Follow System for Building BIG?
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Welcome to the Solution!

Welcome to you BE IRRESISTIBLE System!

We’re excited you’ve joined The BE IRRESISTIBLE Community. As you have probably figured out, BE IRRESISTIBLE is a much more than ‘just another course.’ While BE IRRESISTIBLE indeed unlocks 7 Key Recipes to create success in your business, it is also a complete self-liquidating offer OR funded-proposal marketing system .

Our goal is to provide you with many resources, including additional products (which nearing completion) . . . all designed for you to make money.

We took the time-tested, proven principles of attraction marketing and psychology as well as the world-famous Glazer Kennedy Insider Circle Marketing Secrets and created a system designed to assist you and your TEAM in generating leads for our specific industry

What is the first thing you want to do? Study the system – it is a living example of what was described in the book as a SLO or self-liquidating-offer.

Next, we just want to re-iterate that this SYSTEM was designed with you the successful female network marketing professional in mind.

The following is an overview of the BE IRRESISTIBLE System and how it works. Know that once you are ready to put your SYSTEM into play and begin generating leads you will want to visit the Getting Started Tab.

Do You Want to Be Irresistible?

Generate More Qualified Leads and Enroll More Associates?

Most people should be nodding their head up and down. When you master the recipes in BE IRRESISTIBLE, you will be attracting qualified prospects and enrolling people who are ready to work!

Driving Traffic & Advertising

Did you know that learning to write an effective ad that actually pulls is like getting a bunch of 7 year old boys to clean up their room?

Just five years ago our ears and eyes were bombarded by approximately 2,000 messages a day – NOW, its over 20,000. It takes a really good ad to draw attention.

Knowing this, I’ve invested more than $8,000 and three years really studying the top copywriters and honing this skill – so our message will come through clear and ultimately change your life and make a difference for others.

Under the Training/Ads Tab at the top of your BE IRRESISTIBLE back office, you will find our best performing advertisements, including banners, short ads, classifieds, articles and so much more.

Each of these ads can be linked with your affiliate number (found at ) with your username and password. Note that the banners you find at already have linked directly to you and will track your prospects through the ‘marketing funnel’ and sales process. However, you will find similar banners under the Training/Ads tab where you need to add your referral link.

The cool part is that you will automatically receive commission whenever any of your prospects purchase BE IRRESISTIBLE or ANY of our other soon-to-be released products. That’s it – very simple and the best part is, our powerful SYSTEM will track everything, so you don’t get bogged down with the details.

How does this simple system work?

You place the ad(s) that appeal to you the most and where your target market resides.

So where do you place these ads? I would encourage you to begin with websites that our target market frequents and Face Book. Both are simple and can be very inexpensive. Another option is When you visit this website, you will find hundreds of individuals willing to put your links out to their lists for just $5. Yes, just $5. OK, here is a word of caution . . . unless you are a professional internet marketer and completely familiar with PPC (pay per click) advertising and/or Google Adwords, avoid PPC at yahoo, google and bink.

A certain percentage of the people who see your ad, will actually click on the banner or advertisement and LINK back to our top performing Capture or Sales page.

AND, the BE IRRESISTIBLE SYSTEM tracks the whole thing – all your information is tied to your prospect!


Our top-notch, world class internet marketing gurus and technology department are tasked with the job of making sure our Squeeze pages always are performing AND achieving maximum conversions!

Our pages are generic in nature so that they will appeal to the largest number of people to keep your sales funnel full. These pages are constantly being ‘split-tested’ to achieve maximum results.

You should also know that we have taken into account one very important fact . . .

Our target market is women in network marketing and direct sales. WHY? Because women now account for 87% of the industry.

And Women THINK differently, BUY differently, and BUILD TEAMs differently—so wouldn’t it stand to reason that our Sales Pages should be built to appeal to our audience?

And remember, your affiliate link will track everything.

And don’t worry if you’ve never tackled internet marketing before – we will walk you through the process!


Would you like to make MORE money from more of your prospects and do it 24/7 EVEN when they say no to your primary business?

That’s the beauty of this system. It truly doesn’t matter what they say to you – either answer is GOOD. You can still turn them into a paying customer because of the IRRESISTIBLE SYSTEM.

Here are some interesting statistics: Somewhere between 1 and 5% of your leads will choose to join your primary business. Some Super Stars may have higher results, but these numbers typically remain steady.

So what does this mean to you? Basically all of the advertising and marketing dollars you spent in the past . . . you never got a return on 95% of your investment. That’s why most people in our industry are struggling OR have completely given up – they’ve QUIT. Their marketing expenses simply have become too high. Every time this happens you lose another member of your TEAM.

Doesn’t it seem silly not to get a return on your ENTIRE investment? I can tell you from a financial analysts’ (that’s me) standpoint – that’s why this concept made perfect sense. If I am going to market, I want to stack the deck in my favor and WIN.

Doesn’t it make sense to monetize your entire list of prospects – not just the few who join your TEAM. That’s what BE IRRESISTIBLE is all about.

And remember, it doesn’t matter which company you are partnered with. You need cutting edge training materials like BE IRRESISTIBLE, The Fast Start Program, and How to Do an A-Z Presentation in the New Economy if they want to remain competitive.

Frankly, if we want to win as successful entrepreneurs right now, in an economy where the rules have completely changed, we have to be willing to do things different and be bold in building our businesses.

Once your prospect has opted in to the BE IRRESISTIBLE SYSTEM, then THE SYSTEM will take over and begin marketing – we take over the sales process for you – so you can concentrate on your primary business AND on building a relationship with the prospect – so they know who you are!

The exciting part to remember is you now have a generic solution to your prospect’s #1 challenge. You are able to monetize the people who say no to your primary business automatically through the BE IRRESISTIBLE AFFILIATE PROGRAM.


This allows you to focus on building your primary business.

Our ultimate goal is to bring value and solve problems for you, and we have designed our products so they are they are recognized as some of the top performing in the industry.

We want to see your turn your prospects in to lifetime paying customers for you.

Why this works? Because we are solving their #1 problem – having qualified people to show the plan to.

The BE IRRESISTIBLE SYSTEM is designed to generate an endless stream of leads for your primary opportunity and even make cash.

Here’s an example of what’s possible with the current products – we have more products coming.

In this example, you have shared your affiliate link with 150 prospects that you generated through advertising or purchased at an approximate cost of $4.00 each. Total cost is $600.

15 prospects purchased a copy of BE IRRESISTIBLE x $15 = $225

15 Sales eligible for bonus x $5 = 75*

10 Sales Upgrades for Newsletter and Export on

Call Tele-Class x $8 = 80

5 Sales purchase DIG DEEP & FIND YOUR WHY x 40 = 200

6 Sales of 7 Deadly Sins of MLM x 12 = 72

TOTAL COMMISSIONS and Residual Income (newsletter) equal $652 *


Your cost per lead will vary – but you can play with the numbers and see that it’s FREE money and covers the cost of your lead generation!

ALL because you shared your affiliate links!

So do the math. Know that anytime you can generate a quality lead for less than $10, you’re doing great – to reduce or even eliminate your lead generation costs is a really great thing! Some people will even make a profit.

Can you see why the BE IRRESISTIBLE SYSTEM is so powerful? Whether or not you are struggling in enrolling members to your team, it’s a safe bet that there are people on your organization who are in that place of fear and frustration. This SYSTEM can assist that person because it grows their confidence. It will allow you to eliminate rejection, cold calling and all those things that typically drive a networker crazy.


Do you remember when we shared how to BUILD RELATIONSHIPS in the BE IRRESISTIBLE book?

It’s the single most important thing we do for our business and in life – nurture and foster relationships.

Have you ever thought of what happens to the leaders in a company that closes its doors? Or what happens to a leader when the compensation plan changes and it’s not favorable to them?

They need to find a new home – and when they go shopping, they typically look to leaders in the industry – or at least people who they have a relationship with.

I can share this – because this happened to me. I share this with you to let you know that a top leader can be recruited into your company – it’s all about the relationship though.

Closing Thoughts

Build your network (your TEAM and your prospects). Nurture the relationships particularly with other networkers. SHARE THE SYSTEM – this is a critical step because it allows you to significantly cut or completely eliminate your advertising costs while generating qualified leads.

We all need good people to talk to who are interested in an opportunity.

How are you generating those leads now?

Remember the simple Success Formula for BE IRRESISTIBLE:

Learn how to use the BE IRRESISTIBLE SYSTEM – make it work for you!


CEO, Women with Dreams MLM Academy