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Now that you’ve found a career that allows you to be in control of your life and aligns with your values, family and time, DOES IT FRUSTRATE YOU when you see other people from all walks of life who are making money in their network marketing and direct sales businesses hand over fist and your business isn’t as big as your want?


My name is Debbie Wysocki. I’m a ex-Beverly Hills Financial Analyst who chose to create a life a life-and that included no more boss. Now my number one joy is being a mom to Trent (age 13) and Amanda (age 10). I’m a million dollar earner in network marketing, an author, speaker, trainer, real estate investor, business consultant, marketing & branding expert, Girl Scout Leader & church volunteer. I’m not telling you these things only to impress you, but to share with you I have a pretty darn good idea what I’m talking about when it comes to building a PROFITABLE DIRECT SALES BUSINESS and TEACHING others how to do the same.


When our industry is seeing 97% of the people FAIL in network marketing – and 85% of those are women, we’ve got a problem!

Remember when you started your business? I’m guessing you had some amazing dreams that you wanted to fulfill — well dust off those dreams – we have a plan!

If you feel like you’ve been struggling, and perhaps even t,hinking about using the ‘Q’ word – that means QUIT, get rid of that stinkin thinkin!

It’s not your fault your struggling – you probably haven’t been exposed to ‘What’s Working Now . . .’ What will literally change the complexion of how you do business and set the wheels in motion for 100s of people to join your TEAM and provide you with an endless flow of qualified prospects who will actually PAY YOU to hear about your opportunity!

It sounds too good to be true, but I’m here to tell you building a successful business is SIMPLE . . . when you have the right ingredients AND follow proven 7 Key Recipes for Success in Attracting A Quality Team!

While it’s a simple Recipe, most people won’t follow it. They will not take action. If you can bake a cake, then you can follow the 7 Key Recipes to BE IRRESISTIBLE. However, some people who hear this message will be content to keep doing the same things that have been getting them mediocre (at best) and probably not too many results in the first place. That means they are handing out CDs and brochures, and spending time going from networking event to networking event sharing about how their product is better than Company Xs product!

Do you know someone who is marketing with old techniques?

It’s sad to think that they are missing out on Creating a Life they Love because they are afraid to step out of the box and learn and implement the inside secrets of SUPER STAR 6 and 7 figure earners!

Truly, it’s time to stop the insanity and go to a WOMAN who knows your PAIN. YES, I know what it takes for a WOMAN TO SUCCEED IN MLM and DIRECT SALES and create REAL long-term wealth in just about ANY economic environment.

But don’t take my word for it…

“The rules have changed. . . Taking charge of your future means taking control of your income source. You need to own your own business.”

– Robert Kiyosaki

Best Selling Author – “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”87% of them women joining our industry is growing, rapidly, and there’s a very specific reason why this is happening.

As a woman who is ready to build a successful business, do you shake your head when you see these people are realize that they really aren’t any smarter than you and they’re certainly NO better than you?

Do you feel a bit confused at times . . . is there a ‘story behind the story?’

YES, I’ve been EXACTLY where you may find yourself right now, searching for a better way, or even a way out, and I’ll tell you this, I’ve cracked the combination… Uh huh, you heard that right. And I’m about to walk you down this path that took me from $0 to a million dollar earner in network marketing AND, I’ve taught others to build substantial incomes.

When you’re through peeking behind this curtain, you may very well have some trouble sleeping tonight. Guaranteed!

  • There are drastic changes taking place in network marketing and direct sales right now! Our industry is dramatically changing due to the emerging New Economy and less than 3% of the population even has a clue about what they should do to Profit!
  • This info will either make you really rich in the years ahead or really poor depending on which side of it you’re on. The good news is…You have a choice. This is EXTREMELY time-sensitive information. Don’t be the last to see it whatever you do . . .
  • Just exactly HOW do you become IRRESISTIBLE? Become a SUPER STAR in the industry?
  • That’s what we want to share with you – we want to partner up with you and give you the Insider’s Key Recipes to take your business to outrageous levels of success!


To grab hold of the FIRST RECIPE Absolutely FREE! Take a ‘sneak peak,’ and you will quickly see how you can grow your BUSINESS BIG – and be well on your way to


Remember, I’m pulling back the curtain and sharing with you ‘insider’ stuff! Things that you can do NOW to build a MILLION DOLLAR business!

Things that will cut a year or two off your learning curve you will insulate yourself from the recession and strategically eliminate 99% of your competition.

This is Major, Major Game Changer . . .

GUESS WHAT: There’s NO recession in Network Marketing! And the smart Entrepreneurs who get WHY this is the case will create an unfair advantage for themselves NOW and for the next several years . . . while profiting from the massive wealth transfer that’s unfolding as the New Economy emerges.

Will you be part of the select FEW who take action?

You’re only left with two choices – YOU can KEEP doing what you’re doing and you will GET THE SAME RESULTS . . .

OR, you can play by the new rules in the New Economy.

However, you can’t do both if you want to

BE IRRESISTIBLE and Attract a Quality TEAM In Network Marketing and Direct Sales!

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See you on the inside.

Debbie, CEO, Women With Dreams

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